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Brand Vogue Cigarettes

Vogue Cigarettes

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Vogue is an upmarket brand of cigarettes that British American Tobacco currently owns and manufactures.

The cigarettes do not carry this name for no reason. The brand became a real trend many years ago when customers ranked them as the most glamorous and stylish cigarettes of the year.

They are exquisite and the pack makes them even more attractive. Tiny but very elegant – this is probably the best description you can get.

There is no secret ingredient that makes them special but the cigarettes have a special place in smokers heart. The taste that is memorable and the aftertaste that seems to be long-lasting.

Vogue are mostly female cigarettes but they are not labeled as that. They are very popular on our website and are requested by men

Many famous people are known to smoke them. Singer Madonna is shown smoking a Vogue brand cigarette in the video for her 1990 single Vogue.

Vogue Blue Superslims gives the customer a cigarette that no one else can master, a unique earthy taste with the perfect tobacco blend.

The brand is available on our website and we offer our customers a great deal when ordering more than 3 cartons. Also, you do not have to worry about the delivery from abroad - we have an option of international delivery that you will surely like.

Do not hesitate to order Vogue from us today. We guarantee you the authentic branded product that you will be choosing over and over again.