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Brand IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

Buy IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

Years ago, many not that many actually, we did not know a thing about IQOS and obviously could not imagine how big it would get.

The era of new cigarette types is here. Electronic devices have captured people’s attention and they seem to want to stay.

Electronic cigarettes and IQOS look like some of the best creations of the 21 century and their popularity is enorous.

Of course, an electronic device creates more addiction because it seems like it is more effortless to start smoking.

We understand that we need to keep up with the trends that is why this website has plenty of everything. Classic cigarettes, superslims and cigarettes for your electronic devices.

IQOS came into the scene very unexpectedly. And this captured everyone’s attention. This is a great alternative to what we were familiar with for such a long time but we are happy to accept the new things coming our way.

What are the benefits of smoking HeatSticks by IQOS?

IQOS are designed for use by adults who want to continue to smoke or use nicotine products but no want to go on smoking regular cigarettes. They are not intended for use as cessation devices, nor are they to be used by youth.

Heets or HeatSticks by IQOS is a safe way to smoke with zero aid of fire. What is the major benefit of electronic smoking? It is definitely less harmful for you.

Another advantage is that this device is very much society oriented. You do not harm people around you that hate smoke.

IQOS are very popular and were first launched in Japan in 2016, and are currently available in 69 markets worldwide. Taking into the account the fact that more and more people are switching from their old habit to using electronic devices for smoking, we expect an even bigger revenue.

We know Phillip Morris already by their multiple amount of brands but IQOS top all of those due to the fact that the natural cigarettes replacement is dominating the market at the moment and the HNB items (Heat-Not-Burn) are very easy to use.

Simplicity is what smokers are looking for, this is IQOS gives them. The devices are very handy and they can be carried around without any issues.

We recommend IQOS because their quality is amazing and also because it will be a unique experience that you surely will not forget.

Do not think that it will be difficult to use an electronic device and IQOS - you need to insert a stick into the holder, turn on the button on it and hold it until the flashing green light comes on. Simple as that.

Our website offers IQOS HeatSticks for the best price ever seen on the internet. The delivery is offered at a great price too. So you can grab yourself a few carton of these newly appeared cigarettes, have them at your door shortly and feel happy about it.