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Brand 555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes

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State Express 555 or simply 555 which is what smokers usually call them – are the cigarettes that are popular everywhere in the world. The only thing is that it has not been so.

The only reason for being so well-known is the quality of the product and the company's full understand of customers needs. The brand has accomplished the world’s recognition and respect due to the taste of tobacco that these sticks have.

The perfect combination of the purest tobacco and other substances originating in a strong and delicate taste at the same time is exactly what customers want, need and got to buy over and over again.

State Express 555 is the brand that customers describe as the first class product manufacturer.

A British luxurious cigarette type was first introduced to the global audience from the UK. Later on the rights to sell these cigarettes everywhere else but the United Kingdom were acquired by British American Tobacco – a famous tobacco enterprise that is engaged in tobacco production and distribution to every corner of the world.

It was the year 1925 that State Express 555 became famous internationally. Today the countries that enjoy smoking 555 the most are situated in Asia – Greater China area, Vietnam and also Cambodia.

In the UK State Express 555 cigarettes are registered and manufactured in London, Westminster.

Why do we all love them so much?

The answer lies on the surface. These cigarettes brand are a high quality premium class tobacco goods that can guarantee you 100% of satisfaction received from each second of smoking process.

But this could not be possible without the changes that the company needed to make in order to take their products to the newest level.

This re-branding opened the doors for many markets all over the world and the cigarettes were launched in various types for any preference.

Our website proudly presents all the variations to you. Here you can find the cigarettes that are stronger or longer, with more mgs of nicotine or less. Whatever your heart desires.

We are granting a chance to grab a bargain and buy State Express 555 for the lowest price in the country. Not only do we know that the cigarettes quality will bring you back but we are also sure you will not be able to find better delivery conditions.

Our online market can guarantee you the authentic branded State Express 555 cigarettes available 24/7. We are proud to be selling the world’s most wanted cigarettes.