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Brand Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament Cigarettes

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Have you ever heard of the brand that combines luxurious smoking style and finest tobacco blend all in one? Plus it can be found for a price that you will be able to pay without feeling bad about it?

Parliament is the brand that no smoker can ever turn down. It can be a bit more expensive than average but it is totally worth it.

Parliament cigarettes belong to Philip Morris International, the American tobacco company. This company had once come up with another brilliant tobacco invention as well as many others that they are famous for.

The brand was launched in 1931 and is distinctive for its recessed paper filters. It was originally used as an advertising gimmick when cigarettes did not have filters. The first commercial cigarette filters came into use in 1935.

Until the late 1950s, Parliaments were packaged in a two-layer "hard" pack. Since then Parliament were improved significantly. Today Parliament is made from the best tobacco and are known for the special taste and aftertaste the cigarettes give.

The premium class segment is pleased to have Parliament cigarettes among the range of products. The top quality tobacco is what smokers get from Parliament and it is exactly why they are so popular and demanded.

The manufacturers try really hard so the end product that reaches the customer is satisfactory.

The company that stands behind such famous brands as Chesterfield, Marlboro, Bond and L&M always makes sure the smokers get the best. The improvements the company implements are vital and have a very positive reflection upon the company’s profile.

The best quality of tobacco, the most original taste, the finest experience – this is what Parliament has tried to achieve and successfully has. Parliament is a superb tobacco product with the richest taste and a very special filter.

There are plenty of different Parliament variations and each is unique in its own way. This online platform gives you a range of products that are most requested by our customers. Parliament Night Blue, Parliament Aqua Blue, Parliament Silver Blue and Parliament Super Slims are just a few to name. Order today and try them all out. We can guarantee that you will remain pleasantly surprised with the quality of the products.

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