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Brand Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill Cigarettes

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As a matter of fact it is true. Dunhill is more than just a brand name. Today these cigarettes represent an era of quality and taste perfection.

We added them to our collection not so long ago because we were receiving multiple customer requests.

Smokers seem to enjoy exactly what the manufacturers offer. That is the finest tobacco and the smoothest aftertaste.

The history of the brand takes us back to 1907 when in London, Great Britain, Mr. Alfred Dunhill decided to give smokers an extra reason to be happy. There on Duke Street of London appeared the first Dunhill cigarettes.

The brand was gaining popularity slowly. People were passing on the information about the newest tobacco creation sharing the details and their impressions.

At first the creator only dealt with the customers that were placing individual offers, but later on Dunhill cigarettes hit the mass market because more and more customers were literally demanding the goods.

You will be surprised to find out that Dunhill are considered to be the most “Hygienic Cigarette” in the world.

But the company’s reputation is something that Philip Morris were building slowly and carefully, especially in the USA.

As you may have already guessed this brand was introduced in the Untied States by Philip Morris in 1962. This is officially the year that many Americans call the “ breakthrough” year in the tobacco industry.

Dunhill (minus the "International") is a more expensive version produced by BAT, and are sold in European (including Russian), Asian-Pacific,South African and Canadian markets.

The cigarettes cost above the average price but the smokers say the quality allows them to be a bit more pricey than average.

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