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Brand LD Cigarettes

LD Cigarettes

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LD is the tobacco invention of the late 90’s. It was the time when people were heavily smoking and strong cigarettes seemed to be in vogue.

LD was first launched in Russia in 1999 and quickly became Russia's number one cigarette brand. I 2007 the brand was acquired to JTI. In 2016, JTI announced they would introduce the LD brand on the United States cigarette market with the Red, Silver and Menthol (Green) varieties. The brand would become a discount brand and it helped to sell millions of packs.

The brand has a good reputation and even with the fact that is was sold for a ridiculous price, they are not considered cheap. The quality of the tobacco is great and the taste is absolutely immaculate.

From an average pack of cigarettes the LD brand has grown into people’s top pick.

The company’s target is obviously not the profit. The most important is for smokers to enjoy the cigarettes and buy them more frequently. And as the price allows you to do so, this mission can be complete very soon.

European market have them in stock everywhere. You can find them in the local stores but they usually cost less online.

Today customers from European countries, as well as Asia, Africa and America can please themselves with such rich flavored tobacco product or have them delivered from overseas if they cannot get them in a shop next door.

Many years of its existence have proved LD to be a progressing brand offering the loyal customers the best-quality product. The brand is improving. The most important is the feedback the smoker leave and honestly they seem to like LD a lot.

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