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Brand Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond Cigarettes

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Great Britain has always been the country that appreciates good tobacco. British love their smoking habits and can tell the difference between great quality and an ordinary cigarette.

Smoking has always been a pleasure-bringing process for the British society. Therefore we can strongly recommend you to try Richmond, which is produced with British class and sophistication.

The brand appeared in 1999 and is currently owned and manufactured by Imperial Tobacco.

Today Richmond are mainly sold in the United Kingdom, but also were and still are sold in most countries of the world including Asia and Latin America.

The company made a couple of changes in packaging and size of the cigarettes that is why you can purchase different variations.

Just like everything British, sophisticated and posh, the Richmond cigarettes have dominated the world due to their amazing taste and unique aftertaste. The fastest selling cigarette brand is also popular because of the filter that seems to be absolutely ideal.

In 2003 Richmond have reached the top 5 most popular brands among smokers.

Unlike other famous brands the Richmond brand likes to offer its customers a variety of tastes. Richmond Super Slim Cherry, Richmond Cherry Gold and Richmond Cherry are only a few to name. All of these can easily be delivered to you by means of our website.

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All the products on this website are 100% authentic and we can guarantee you that you will return to get more cigarettes from us once you start ordering them here. The more you deal with us, the more benefits you see. We have what it takes to become your favorite website.