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Brand Camel Cigarettes

Camel Cigarettes

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This American cigarettes brand is famous everywhere on the globe. It is hard to imagine someone not knowing what it is.

The brand is currently owned and manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the USA. In Europe and other countries outside of America the brand is represented by Japan Tobacco.

The cigarette itself is a perfect mixture of tobacco blends – Turkish tobacco and Virginia Tobacco. The city where R. J. Reynolds was founded carries the name “Camel City”.

This is how popular the brand is.

Camel cigarettes are famous for their impeccable quality.

The world’s most searched for cigarettes are unique because they are way better and more posh than their price. Smokers admit that the quality of the product is extremely high and compared to many cigarette brands that are totally overpriced Camel cigarettes seem a bargain.

Normally Camel are known as cigarettes for middle class smokers. The history of the brand counts more than 100 years old and over this period of time has already sold trillions of cigarettes worldwide. Isn’t it impressive?

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