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Frequently Asked Questions
What Are The Terms Of Service?

If your site has been deleted it has violated our terms of service which are. In order for all users to enjoy our service and keep us running smoothly we have a few simple rules. If you cannot follow these rules please find a different service with which to host your site.
No adult (porn sites) of any kind will be allowed on our service. No warez (sites that contain illegal file downloads) sites will be allowed on our service.
No sites exploiting children under the age of 18. Including modeling sites of young children.
No sites containing illegal music files (mp3 or other) will be allowed on our service.
FREE sites used primarily for storage will be removed from our servers.
This is site hosting, not file storage. reserves the right to remove any site for the above stated reasons, and will use its own understanding of the above rules to determine what constitutes a breach of our terms of service. By signing up for our service you agree to the above.

I have an index file but it does not show up or receive a No Index File error.

Your index.html file cannot contain capital letters. It is case sensitive and must appear as index.html. It must be in the / directory to work.
Your index.html file is the first file you should create or transfer to your new web site. When your domain name is typed into a web browser, like Explorer or Firefox, your browser then searches for the index.html or index.htm file.
For example, is really The server knows that you really want the index.html file. If no index file exists, this page will continue to be displayed until an index.htm or index.html file is created.

Why did my site get deleted?

We remove free sites that have been inactive for 7 days.
If you had a site and are now getting a file not found error when trying to access your site, it is most likely because we removed your site from our network. We delete sites that are abusing our service, so those who use the service, as it is intended, have fast, reliable service.

Free accounts may NOT upload any files over 1Mb. This is considered storage of files since you cannot use them with your website. We do not allow (image only) sites, or (image galleries) on Free accounts. This means that you can use images, but you may NOT have (image only) sites or (image galleries) with a free account. Free accounts may have a few music files to use with your sites. We allow a few .midi and .wav files on free accounts for website purposes. NO download sections for these music files, please. The music files are for website use only on free accounts.

File Not Found Error

If you had a site and are now getting a file not found error when trying to access your site, it is most likely because we removed it from our network. We delete sites that are abusing our service so that those who use the service as it is intended have fast reliable service.
Free accounts may NOT have any files over 1Mb. This is considered storage of file, since you can not use them with your website. We do not allow image only sites, or image galleries on Free accounts. Free accounts may have a few music files to use with your site, not for downloading purposes. This is the same with all the file types listed above.

I lost my password.

To have your password e-mailed to you, simply go to forgot your password and fill out the form. Your password will be e-mailed immediatly to the email address that you signed up with when you created your account.
If the email address you signed up with is no longer valid, your password will not be sent to you.

Do you support Mysql, PHP etc?

PHP, MYSQL, are available for all free accounts.

I am unable to FTP.

We offer a ftp access...

Why Phpmyadmin rejects my AccountName and Password?

Answer: Phpmyadmin doesn t accept full stops in the AccountName. Therefore all full stops ( . ) in your AccountName must be replaced by down slashes ( _ ). For instance, you have the following AccountName on our host: In this case your AccountName for Phpmyadmin will be: sitename_athost_net.

50 MEG Limit Exceeded

This error message is displayed when you have transferred 40 megabytes of data from your web page to those viewing the page. It has NOTHING to do with how much of your 50 megabytes of space you have used. Each time an image or html file is viewed from your site, the size of the file is deducted from your 40 MB daily allotment. If you continue to get this error day after day, we suggest you upgrade your account in your User Manager. Your site will come back online at midnight (MST).

I don't know what I am doing where do I start?

Our service is catered more towards users who have some html knowledge. If you do not have any html knowledge you can get a tutorial at or

How Do I Delete, or Downgrade My Account?

If you have a free account, you can delete your account by email:

What file extensions do you allow?

We allow all file extensions to be uploaded and downloaded if you have a paid account. If you have a free account, you may not have download sites. If you have very many files extensions that are for download purposes you site will be removed. You may have a few .zip files and music files ect. to use with your site. Free accounts may not have files over 1mb.

Is there a file size limit?

File size limits:
1 mb file size limit for free accounts.

Validation Code problems!

If you are using a web accelerator, you will need to disable it for the validation code to work. If you are using a proxy server, go to the page with the validation code, and try holding down the ctrl button while refreshing your page is your using IE, or hold down the shift button while refreshing your page if using Netscape. Then click on the submit button. If you are using AOL, they use a proxy as well. Try the instuction for proxy servers, or use a different isp to sign up. If the previous process does not work, you will need to sign up on another computer with a different isp. You only need to sign up on the different computer, then you can work on your site from your o computer.

Where does the Form Mail send the information?

Our form mailer will send to the form data to the email address that you're signed up with when you created your account. You can change your email address by logging into your account and clicking on Account Info in the User Manger of your account.

How do I change my Account information (Password, contact email address, etc...)

To change your password, Contact email address, or any of your personal information please log into your account and click on "Account Info".

Is my account limited to only 1 "MySQL database", or can I make separated secondary database?

Yes, free account AtHost.Net is limited to only 1 MySQL database. If you need one more MySQL database, you must send an e-mail to with strong argumentations for creating a new DB.

The structure of Account at AtHost.Net

The accounts at Athost.Net contain the following folders:
 Dirrectories  Permissions  Descriptions
 ./account/ 775  root folder
 private_html/ 755  Private Data folder
 public_html/ 755  Public Data folder (as your site's .html,.php and etc files)
 logs/ 755  Account Logs folder
 backup/ 755  Account Backup folder
 Maildir/ 700  Account E-mails folder
Please keep account's structure without changes.

Is MySQL username_athost_net also limited to 1 Mb file-size?

No, MySQL has no restrictions as to file size. We have set up a limit to 1MB only for uploading files.

Can a page-developer access from-out HTML_public to get some data or CONSTANT values in HTML_private (considering some security)?

Yes, you may use scripts to access the data from private_html. Web access to private_html is prohibited.

Can we use DBF, TXT or XML files with "read-write" access?

Yes, but you must set up file permissions correctly.

Account Name:


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05.19.2010 team is glad to inform you about improving the quality of our services. Technical work is scheduled for the end of this week.
We'd like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

AtHost.Net Team is glad to provide you MyLoger.Com. MyLoger.Com is a blog system free of any charges. Thank you in advance for using our service.

AtHost.Net was opened as it was planned, 25 April.
We are glad to provide you a free-of-charge hosting supporting by the latest internet technologies.
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